How does Live Interpretation work?

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Published 02/20/2024 at 6:15am UTC

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Live Interpretation is a premium feature where an account holder (with the Host or Scheduler role) can request a live interpreter to join the session. To request pricing to enable (or to disable) the live interpretation feature on your account, please contact our Support Team at [email protected] . 


If the Live Interpretation feature is enabled for your account, you will see a button labeled "Call Interpreter Now" on all sessions.



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1. Click the "Call Interpreter Now" button.




2. Select the desired language of your interpreter, and then click "Submit".

  Arrow pointing at drop down menu



3. Upon confirming the selected language, a new participant panel is added for that interpreter and a countdown timer begins. The duration of the timer depends on the language selected, however it should take no longer than 5 minutes to receive a response. (The average estimated wait time is less than 30 seconds) 


4. Once an interpreter has accepted the request to join the session, the status will change to reflect that an interpreter has been found and that we are waiting for them to connect. The platform then gives the interpreter up to 1 minute to click "Enter Waiting Room".


5. At this point the interpreter has likely entered the session, however there is one final timer allowing them up to 2 minutes to successfully join. This last timer is meant to account for any extra time needed to install or allow Zoom to open. Or if using One-Click, to allow camera and microphone settings prior to entering.



If the interpreter fails to respond to any of these countdowns within their provided durations, the option for you to Retry the request for an interpreter will pop up.

  • Clicking "No" will cancel the request for an interpreter and their participant panel will be removed.
  • Clicking "Yes" will delete the previous connection and automatically establish a new one. The timers and processes will be restarted.



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