One-Click: Ending a videoconference session

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Published 04/15/2021 at 4:38am UTC

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This article illustrates the different ways to end a SecureVideo session, if using the One-Click video engine.


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1. In the lower right hand corner of the video window, click on "Leave". You may need to move your mouse over the video window to make this button appear. (If you are not the host, there is no confirmation message before you leave the session.)

Leave button



2. If you are the host of the meeting, you'll have an additional option.

  • Leave Meeting: this removes only yourself from the meeting, allowing your participants to continue without you, at least until you enter another meeting, at which point this meeting will automatically end for all participants. (If you were in session with a single participant, they would be in the session alone until they choose to leave as well.)
  • End Meeting for All: this ends the meeting and closes the video for you and all participants, saving them the step of clicking "Leave Meeting".

End meeting for all



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