Zoom: Screen flickers when sharing screen

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Published 01/07/2020 at 9:24pm UTC

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When sharing your screen during a Zoom session, your particpants notice a black bar along the top of the share screen and it also flickers at times. 


screen flickering

Possible Causes

You may need to uncheck the setting "enable hardware acceleration for screen sharing" in the Zoom settings under Share Screen. 


1. Stop the screen share, and then hover your mouse along the bottom of the Zoom window, and click on the click on upward arrow to the right of "Start/Stop Video" and select Video Settings.

upward arrow

2. Click on "Share Screen" off to the left, and then in the lower right corner, click Advanced. 

share screen then advanced

3. Then make sure the hardware acceleration box is unchecked. 

hardware acceleration unchecked

4. Close the settings window, and share screen again. 


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