How to look up proposal history (queues)?

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Published 05/30/2019 at 7:05pm UTC

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SecureVideo tracks proposal history for you. Proposals are sent through queues, that are set up as part of the Virtual Clinic workflow or public calendar. This support article goes over how to look up queue reports on your account. 


This report requires the Account Administrator or Clinical Supervisor role to view. 


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1. Click on the profile icon in the upper right hand corner and select "Reports" from the menu.

Profile menu, with Reports choice highlighted



2. Under "Queues", click the "Go" button.

"Go" button underneath "Queues"


3. By default, the "All Queues" parameter is used, but if you have multiple groups, you can click on this item to select the specific group to pull up only proposals sent to or from that group.

Set a "From Date" and "To Date", and click "Filter".

  • Leave "From Date" and "To Date" blank to search for sessions from all time. 
  • Leave "From Date" blank to search any time before "To Date".
  • Leave "To Date" blank to search any time after "From Date". 
  • The "Service" field will search on the account service used in the request. 
  • The "Status" field will search on the resolution status of the request.
  • The "Greater Or Equal Response Time" field can be used to search for a minimum length of response time. 
  • The "Smaller Or Equal Response Time" field can be used to search for a maximum length of response time. 
  • Use the "Export to Excel" button to export results as an Excel spreadsheet. 
    • Export the report to see additional proposal information, such as notes sent with or in response to the request.

 Example of queues report filters



  • Request ID: Unique identifier for the request.
  • Host Group: The group that the request was made TO. (AKA, the group that accepted or declined the request.)
  • Request Created: Date/time the request was sent.
  • Requestor: User that created the request.
  • Service: The Account Service that was selected for the request.
  • Status: If the request is resolved, this column notes if it was Accepted, Declined, Expired, or Cancelled by Requester.
  • Session Scheduled With: If accepted, the name of the host that accepted the request.
  • Response Time: If resolved, the length of time until resolution. 


Exporting this report would include additional columns: 

  • Request Data: Any information sent with the request. (If a general notes field, includes the text input. If structured data, includes the field name.)
  • Response Data: Any information sent with the response of one of the members of the Host Group. Includes the name of the responder, as a host can send a response with either an accept or decline. 


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