Appointments: Accepting/Declining a requested session

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Published 07/31/2017 at 9:03am UTC

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Appointment Slots allow you to list available dates and times on a public calendar, so that current and prospective clients can request a scheduled session from you. 


If you are an Account Administrator, you can request that this feature be added to your account by contacting [email protected]. Please include the name of the Account Service(s) that users can request an appointment for. If you have not yet created one, please include the information we will need to create one for you: name, description, payment required (if applicable), and scheduling duration.) 


This support article will go over the process for accepting or declining a request once one has been made to you. 


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1. When a session request has been made to you, you will receive an email notification with the subject "Video Session Request".


2. Log into your account. You should automatically land on your Dashboard, and view the request from there.

  • Click one of the "Accept" buttons to accept the request and create the session. An email invitation will automatically be sent to the requester.
  • Click the "Decline" button to decline the request. 
  • For either choice, you can type in notes to be sent to the requester's account. 



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